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25 мая 2016

     Hunting reindeer - one of the most beautiful hunting. As a rule, hunting wild reindeer ends with a trophy - magnificent antlers. To note, the rest of the reindeer deer characterized in that the horns of the animal grow, not only males but also females. From the article you will find out what else is different wild northern laziness from their counterparts, as the hunt for reindeer sto- len and what is special hunting wild reindeer with another deer. If the topic is interesting, you can see the video - hunting reindeer in Yakutia.


     According to Annex 1 to the number of hunting Regulations establishes the following terms of hunting reindeer (as amended by Order of the Russian Ministry of 10.04.2012 N 98.):
    Hunting wild reindeer of all age and sex groups - from 1 August to 15 March.

    However, due to the fact that in some regions the population of wild reindeer are rapidly declining, hunting for him may be limited!


    Here you are, Reindeer

    Reindeer representative of the deer family. On the other deer it is different, first of all, that the horns are growing not only in the males, but also females. Due to the harsh climatic conditions of these deer are not large, their growth, if measured on the shoulders of only one hundred and forty centimeters, the body length of less than two meters. As for weight, the rare deer weighs more than a hundred kilograms.

    His maximum weight reindeer reach the fall. At this time, fat ends set for overwintering. During this period, males can reach a weight of two hundred kilograms, or even more. The color of a deer fur varies depending on the time of year. In summer, reindeer skin may be dark brown or gray-brown. In winter, deer skin looks well-dressed: All the neck and the lower half of the body becomes light gray, but the back legs and head are colored dark brown. People living in these northern areas has long been tamed and learned to breed these animals. The fact that an animal in the tundra is, among other things, also an excellent transportation. It should be noted that the reindeer a little different from his wild brother - he is slightly less than the growth and color it lighter. Sometimes home crossed with wild deer. And in various locations such interbreeding produces different results. For example, in the tundra, deer from the wild-born male and female home value above normal, and all because such animals are more resistant to both frost and disease. In the taiga belt domesticated reindeer more, and then, for some reason the crossing would be undesirable.


    It is known habitat of reindeer - this is the taiga, tundra and forest tundra. In the forest you can see these animals in the mountainous terrain and marshy lowlands. Reindeer able to get their own food even from under a meter of snow layer, but to feed, so hard even to him. So that even those accustomed to the harsh climate and the snow reindeer prefer the snowy areas.

    In autumn tundra reindeer move to the south, into the forest, in the forest. At this time, the number of animals in herds can be up to several thousand. With the arrival of winter, huge flocks break up into small groups. And in their permanent habitats deer back in the spring. At the same time they are not in a hurry to make the necessary stops for feeding and for recreation.

    During these transitions, the deer moved two hundred kilometers and a half or two months.

    The diet includes reindeer fewer plant species than the domestic counterpart. Summer diet consists of various herbs. In more severe winter season the deer is not squeamish lichen, moss, small animals, algae and birds eggs. A curious fact - as a rule, with the Nordic deer drinking sea water , and all because his body is constantly salt required. Day in the tundra lasts up to six months, and at this time the deer is constantly active.

    For relaxation, they are missing a short pause, the rest of the chew the cud, and move from one place to another in search of food. Happy taiga deer to escape the annoying gnats summer, make referrals to the rocks, close to the snow-covered mountains, and is closer to the night back into the forest. At the same time they knock on the grass well-marked trails the deer for which you can easily guess the daily movements of the animals.


    Another interesting feature of the reindeer - the leader can be both male and female. They have excellent hearing and sense of smell, but poor eyesight have, because the whole herd unquestioningly obeys to the leader - the most experienced and cautious deer. Home rutting reindeer begins in late autumn. Since its beginning form mixed flocks consisting of fifteen or sixteen females and one strong or weak three to four males. Curiously, even during the rut small calves are kept far away from the mother. Late spring and early summer, a time when the weather is warm enough established. It was then that are born small calves. In most cases the female bears one calf, it is extremely rare in the case of double. On foot newborn calves get up immediately, unlike their counterparts born south. They even soft hooves, having the ends of the small extension that prevent kids to go, but after just two days after the birth, they fall away.

    It will take only one week and deer has become so strong and high-spirited, it is able to swim together with the whole herd of the river. And on the tenth to fourteenth day of the life of a deer horns appear , later will molt, which removes stains from wool kids, and the color of their fur will be indistinguishable from adult color. Near the mother's calves spend the first two or three years of his life.

    In the fifth-sixth year of the life of the reindeer is quite adult , and despite the fact that the life of this animal lasts twenty-five - twenty-eight years. Horn of adult deer resets after the rut, when the battle for females stop. As for the young calves, they will be replaced by its horns in the middle of winter. In the spring of deer antlers go without new horns grow closer to the fall, and in females - in October.

    Hunting reindeer sto- len

    We can not say that the hunting of reindeer sto- len differs greatly from such hunts other ungulates. In this part of the article will focus on the sto- len hunt for deer in general, and not just on the northern. And it will be done in order to clearly show exactly how to hunt this famous inhabitant of the north.

    Hunting reindeer is best to start as soon as the first snow falls. And it continues to be as long as long as the snow does not accumulate up to two quarters of the normal winter rates. But here we must be guided by the official deadline, in which hunting is permitted on the reindeer in each individual region.

    Curiously, but the process is sto- len hunt deer, bears some resemblance to sneak to tokuyuschim capercaillie. And it is quite difficult and hunting, as in the case of capercaillie, requires great skill, beautiful view, composure and endurance. As well as marksmanship at a distance of up to one hundred or more meters. However, according to experienced hunters - the hunting of reindeer sto- len - it is one of the most thrilling and exciting hunts.

    Hunt reindeer, depending on the location and circumstances. This usually two or three. But it also happens that the company of hunters grows to a dozen people. True "classically" a hunt need to spend only two hunter. In the Urals, before deer usually rode in a sleigh that was left near a fishing hut. After that, a hunter climbed on top of a horse, and the other on foot followed him to the point where they had to separate.


    The best time for hunting deer sto- len comes when just had the newly-fallen snow, and the sky is covered with whitish, overhanging clouds. In weather like this beast I have to stand in one place, it smells bad, and almost could not hear anything. It often happens that the approach to a distance of sighting shots can be easily. However, in the clear, frosty and windless day deer skrast almost impossible. The fact is that in this weather, deer heard very far, and besides, a little at a standstill, all the time moving. Often he makes these great transitions that catch up with him, and even so he did not notice the approach becomes an impossible task.

    Once hunters find deer trail, he goes for it as long as the tracks do not start to get confused and to disperse in different directions, and then you should go back. That's when it becomes clear in what places this animal will fatten.

    Once this occurs, hunters need to disperse in different directions, and carefully move forward, carefully peering into every little detail. Or, for example, in the Urals, horse dismounts, the horse passes the partner and is on track, while the second hunter holding a horse, and he tries not to move and not to create absolutely no noise.

    During the hunt, which does not leave the rider saddle process is a little different. When hiking hunter falling by two to three hundred meters, horse starts to move in his footsteps as long as no go "conditional hell."

    And to understand where this "feature" is an experienced hunter does not make a big deal, he will understand it in quite yet heels and not frozen in the cold urine and feces.

    Here comes the moment of maximum concentration. Wade then you need to very carefully, in no case do not hurry, do not create absolutely no noise. For this to happen, the Siberian and Ural hunters put on shoes hair stockings or socks (they are called prikopotkami) that make steps in the snow is almost silent.

    Once hunters manage to get close to the animals on a rifle shot, the arrow should only aim at the heart of (under the shoulder blade). The fact that the deer is very strong on the wound. After the first shot must be ready to shoot again. If the herd has not seen an arrow, the other deer run back a short distance and freeze. This is another time when to shoot. With this particular deer, fishing hunters often possible to shoot still a couple of deer.


    If you are lucky with the weather and the hunter dressed in a white robe, he, with a certain wit and skill, can come, or rather run up (to do this it is necessary to wind) to a whole herd of deer grazing on a completely open space, for example, on the moss swamp. To this end, it is important to choose the moment when all the deer are. If at least one deer stops, the hunter should immediately "freeze" in the same position, or, not wasting a second, falling to his knees and remain stationary as long as all the deer again begin to move. When this happens you need to run at maximum speed to the deer again. It often happens that the deer begin to move towards the right hides the hunter.

    As we have said, hunting for reindeer hunting differs little from other species of deer, and indeed to all ungulates. Hunter always used natural cover, disguised, gradually approaching the animal at a distance of a rifle shot, then hit the animal. Hunting reindeer sto- len often goes to the persecution, and then the hunter falls on sleds pulled by domesticated reindeer, catch up with the fleeing deer herd. Of course, this is possible only in a situation where the ground is covered sufficiently deep layer of snow. Of course, nowadays often used mechanical means of transport, but a classic hunt reindeer held so.

    If the hunt started, several people, they are often used in the surge deer shooter. This method looks like this. On sleds pulled by domesticated reindeer, some hunters chase a herd of deer in the direction taken refuge in ambush hunter. So you can shoot several animals.


    Hunting reindeer with a deer-decoy

    Most hunting reindeer being ancient way. Hunt, so we can only with domestic reindeer, which is absolutely not afraid of shots. The main advantage of this type of hunting is that wild deer are not afraid of an animal of the same species, and saw him, and quietly continue to graze.

    There is such a hunt reindeer follows. Hunter, bury behind the home of deer, gradually approaching the stage at a distance of a rifle shot, and as soon as possible makes it selectively, of course.

    Some hunters, for one reason or another do not use the reindeer as a cover, hide behind a wooden panel, painted with white paint and the work done for the observation holes. Hunter, putting on skis and covered with a shield, the most slowly and carefully approaches the herd. If he is experienced enough, then sometimes he manages to come close enough to make an accurate shot.

    Source:  nexplorer.ru



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