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25 мая 2016

     Lena Pillars, perhaps, the most touristic place in Yakutia. And this is a real tourist and pretty well-advertised brand. Thus, for me, these places always only lose appeal. However, this stone wall remnants stretches for forty kilometers along the right bank of the Lena is definitely natural and landscape masterpiece. So let him past was no way, the more sail by, and worth the stay.


     Lena Pillars Nature Park have the status, in addition to 2012. Included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The main base of the park and the place where they take tourists, is located on the mouth of the right tributary of the Elbe. Here we want to stay. At the time when our catamaran passing by a huge and white ship moored to the shore, and cast off at the base, to our good fortune, was director of the park Kupriyanov Love Danilovna (at the moment, for reasons unknown to me, Love Danilovna shifted from that position ). So coordination was quite simple and we have attached to the guest house where we were going to hang a couple of days. Below pictures of the nature park Lena Pillars.

    PS. According to plans of the Lena Pillars were not the end point of the expedition, but here's my partner matured to the realization that the thing that he got, and that even in the future would devote part of his life, it was not his business and not his way. Therefore, at this point he decided to finish his route. Well, not the catamaran kayak and one for him to swim very, very uncomfortable, respectively, and I also had to go home.

    Author: SERGEY Karpukhina

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