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 Only on the territory of Yakutia, according to recent data, there are more than 450 thousand rivers and streams with a total length of over 1.5 million kilometers. The Fisheries Fund according to "Yakutrybvid" included 9,053 rivers with total length of 28,100 kilometers which is 2% of the general fund of the river. The greatest value of the fishery have river Lena, Kolyma, Indigirka, Yana, Olenek, Anabar and their major tributaries of Aldan, Viluy, Myankyare, Omolon and others. The fish farm fund does not include the waters of reserves allocated in river deltas, as well as hard to reach the river, the river and its tributaries.
The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) - an interesting and in many ways unique northern edge. Nearly four centuries have passed since the occurrence of Yakutia in structure of the Russian state, it was passed a long way. Today, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) - a modern, rapidly developing region that preserves its rich historic heritage, a unique way of life and the pristine, majestic nature. Despite the impressive rates of industrial and infrastructural development of the republic, its residents did not forget their roots, drawing strength in the culture, rites and traditions.
Traditional magnets. They varied in Yakutia. There are quite a cheap, such a small picture, there is really original. Only they are well on all the friends do not buy. 
Yakut knife - the national heritage of the Sakha people on an equal basis with mammoths, diamonds and khomus. Traditional Yakut knife byhah whose design has not changed much over the centuries, widely used today in all spheres of economic activity of the people. It is focused around the convenience of long and laborious work, and simply created to separate the meat from the bone rasp frozen fish, mend broken sledges.
 Due to the large time constraints, we on the road, then occupied different forwarding business, I with the camera, I often do not to blog. Therefore, my publication more chaotic and incoherent. Nevertheless, I am trying to record events and thoughts on your tablet or phone, depending on what is at hand, that would eventually get back to them. Today, as we are now late at night on March 18, the clock shows 23:45, we are right on the winter road in the window again, the haze of the northern lights behind us and Tiksi, the final point on the map of our route.
 Yakutsk - the capital of Yakutia, the third largest city in the Far Eastern Federal District. If you want to travel to Yakutia, you can not go past Yakutsk. These are all roads including air. Yes, in the winter there are frosts to -50, but still, as they say, then the cold is better tolerated than in the central regions of Russia. The city is developing very rapidly - many new neighborhoods and do a lot of new multicolored structures - going and eye pleased. In Yakutsk seeks all the young people of Yakutia. Then there are the universities, and all that is needed.
 The unique landscape complex is located along the Lena River, and is located 180 km from Yakutsk. Once I saw the photos on the internet, I have as much spirit captures. I know where it is guessed that someday will certainly go there. Several years passed, and that's true! True winter. However, in this its flavor. Summer photos on the net is full, but winter is not enough. Not every venture on such an adventure. In addition, we climbed up, all an unforgettable experience! But about all in order.
 Diamonds were formed more than 300 million. Years ago. Kimberlite magma formed at a depth of 20-25 km. Magma gradually rose along faults in the earth's crust, and when the upper layers could no longer contain the pressure of the rock, there is an explosion. The first such handset found in South Africa in Kimberley - from there came the name. In the mid 50-ies of the richest indigenous diamond deposits were discovered in Yakutia, where about 1,500 kimberlite pipes have been discovered to date. The development of deposits of Yakutia is a Russian company "ALROSA", which produces 99% of the diamonds in the Russian Federation and more than a quarter of the world.
 Lena Pillars, perhaps, the most touristic place in Yakutia. And this is a real tourist and pretty well-advertised brand. Thus, for me, these places always only lose appeal. However, this stone wall remnants stretches for forty kilometers along the right bank of the Lena is definitely natural and landscape masterpiece. So let him past was no way, the more sail by, and worth the stay.
 There is a village called Diamond. Do you know why this name? Yeah, that's why. Worth Irelyakh village on the river, which translated means - do not even know what it means. And why translate? The name itself sounds nice. And nothing would be that the river was not special, but then like a fairy tale "rivers of milk, milk and honey" Here, of course, the banks of the river and not Kiselny not milk. But the river shore and diamond, it is a fact.
 Hunting for fur-bearing animals, such as protein, requires not only the hunting skills, experience, and patience, and a certain share of luck. Hunting for a protein, as well as hunting for fur-bearing animals, in principle, it can be carried out in different ways, but the most appropriate and the best of them is hunting for fur-bearing animals with a husky. Today's article is devoted to just the same hunt for a red squirrel bright-eyed beauty.
 Hunting reindeer - one of the most beautiful hunting. As a rule, hunting wild reindeer ends with a trophy - magnificent antlers. To note, the rest of the reindeer deer characterized in that the horns of the animal grow, not only males but also females. From the article you will find out what else is different wild northern laziness from their counterparts, as the hunt for reindeer sto- len and what is special hunting wild reindeer with another deer. If the topic is interesting, you can see the video - hunting reindeer in Yakutia.
 Fishing Clothing should fit the weather conditions and time of year. Particular attention should be paid to the shoes. Well, if it is strong, waterproof, and if possible with the sole, which is able to prevent from slipping on wet or damp coastal soil for oslizlym stones. Legs in rubber boots inevitably sweat and supercooled. Therefore it is best to wear soft-knitted woolen socks rough.
 Homemade Bone and other work carried out in the northern style. All homemade - my own. Material elk horn, mammoth tusk. The exhibition is dedicated to g.Udachnomu, Mirny District, Sakha (Yakutia).
 About 10 thousand years ago, northern Siberia inhabited shaggy giants, known as mammoths. Now extinct genus of mammal has suffered as a result of raising the temperature at the end of the last Ice Age, which resulted in their habitat was flooded and reduced. Animals caught in limbo on an isolated island, where there was not the slightest chance to return to the mainland. Some populations, sharpened on these land areas to the east and north of Siberia, delayed
 Sketches of travel in the North-Eastern Siberia. EV Dinah Pfizenmaier; Translated from German by H. Neumann in 1902 by the river Berezovka, right tributary which flows into the Arctic Ocean Kolyma River, 320 kilometers to the northeast of Average - Kolymsk was found the corpse of a mammoth locals. Local residents who were on-site findings, reported that the dead body is very well preserved. The Academy of Sciences has decided to equip an expedition to survey and excavation of this new discovery. The head of the expedition was elected had previously traveled through Siberia entomologist DF Hertz. As an assistant he was given DN Sevastyanov and EV Dinah Pfizenmaier, sketches of which travel, we publish below.
 Gold, diamonds, platinum, precious stones, mammoth tusks, gold nuggets, jewelry ... amazing eyes do not tear. Yakutia - is 95% of Russian diamond production and 15% of gold production. The vast, almost unimaginable wealth. Treasury of the Republic of Sakha -. A successful attempt to provide at least a small part of it I invite to look at the treasures


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